Feldenkrais Classes & Workshops

Until further notice, all classes and workshops take place virtually on Zoom because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Join us to “Discover Yourself from the Ground Up,” our theme for 2020. We’ll begin with feet, and work our way up the skeleton to pelvic girdle, spine, ribs, shoulders, neck, and head. Uncover your movement habits. Learn new possibilities for moving and thinking. Starting mid-year? No worries—your entire self is included in every class.

Why not? You’ll find more energy, better concentration, more pleasure in moving, and increased joy.
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Free Classes Tuesdays & Thursdays

Craving movement and connection? Beginning Tuesday, Mar. 24, come to free classes on Zoom from 11:30 am-12:30 pm CDT. Our focus will be accessing your innate strength. Our tools will include your breath, your attention, and the ground.

All you’ll need for class:
  • Access to the internet
  • A computer, tablet, or smart phone
  • A blanket to lie on and sometimes a chair
  • Curiosity
WHEN: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11:30 am-12:30 pm CDT. Mar. 24-Apr. 30.
WHERE: Wherever you are!
Class will take place on Zoom.
To attend, just register via this link.
After you register, you’ll get a confirmation email with info about joining the meeting.
You can come to just one class, all of them, or anything in between. Please do share the registration link with your friends.
Zoom is a user-friendly meeting service that allows people from around the world to interact as if we’re all in the same room together. You may participate for free from your computer, tablet, or phone. Try it here: https://zoom.us/test

Free Your Spine & Ribs: 6-Week Series

In April, “Discover Yourself from the Ground Up” continues with a focus on your spine and ribs.

Vintage engraving of a standing skeleton, front and back view

Join us to clarify use of your spinal column, from your tail bone to the base of your skull. And discover how to take advantage of your rib opportunity: bend, extend, flex, and twist!

Fun fact: you have no anatomical neck. If you look at a model of a spinal column, you’ll see a continuous flow from your first cervical vertebra (your atlas) just under your skull all the way down to your tail bone. And your sacrum, the big triangular plate at the back of your pelvic girdle, is beautifully positioned to support the weight of your head. Too often we carry our head as if the seven cervical vertebrae were meant to support that 13 pounds. No wonder so many of us have “neck” spasms!

Taught by Angela Alston, GCFP, MFA.

Being in class with Angela and others who are seeking relief, connection, peace, dexterity, awareness in body, mind, heart/soul is the highlight of my week!“—Trish
Choose your series below:
  • Mondays, Apr. 6-May 11, 6:25-7:30 pm, $125. Room for 3 more as of 4/2. Register here.
  • Wednesdays, Apr. 8-May 13, 5-6:15 pm. $125. Register here.

Better Breath, Better Balance: 4-Week Series

“If you can keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs…”

When difficulties threaten, you have to change gears in a hurry from “situation usual.” Usually, your habits carry you through from one day to another. Each is very much like the next one.

But difficulties force you into something different. When that something different asks, “What does your world look like?,” the answer is frequently, stress. But if you learn to adapt your habits, then you can not only swim upstream through new challenges, but you can do it with ease and joy. And your breath is key to adapting your habits.

In this series, you’ll be presented with lessons that will help you learn to not only change gears, but to do so with ease and grace. You’ll re-discover what balance feels like, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Taught by Russ Mitchell, MA. He teaches the Feldenkrais Method®, using functional movement and attention to help people uncover their full potential.

When: 4 Sundays, Apr. 12-May 3, 12:30-1:45 pm.
Where: On Zoom.
Cost: $80. Just register here, and you’ll be sent info about how to join the class.

Finding Calm Free Intensive: Innoculate Yourself with Awareness

A girl walks quietly on a crowded streetWhen’s the last time someone pushed your button?
Was it an hour ago? Or five seconds?

How’d you respond?

Between “things happen” and “I react” is a gap. In that gap is your human ability to choose whether and how you react to events. People who live in that space can maintain their humanity in the face of life’s stresses—rather than being “coin-operated” by emotional reactions.

What does humanity mean to you? Compassion? Intelligence? Awareness of the emotional resources which are your birthright?

All the above?

Does this sound like a quality you’d like to cultivate? If it was a virus, would you actually want to spread to your family and friends?

If your answer is “Yes!,” come to this free intensive. Come to one class or as many as you like.

Taught by Angela Alston, GCFP, MFA, and Russ Mitchell, MA. They teach the Feldenkrais Method®, using functional movement and attention to help people uncover their full potential.

When: Friday, Apr. 24, 7-8:30 pm; Sat. & Sun., Apr. 25 & 26, 2-3:30 pm.
Where: On Zoom.
Just register here for Friday and here for Saturday and/or Sunday, and you’ll be sent info about how to join the class.