Feldenkrais Classes & Workshops

Join us to “Discover Yourself from the Ground Up,” our theme for 2020. We’ll begin with feet, and work our way up the skeleton to pelvic girdle, spine, ribs, shoulders, neck, and head. Uncover your movement habits. Learn new possibilities for moving and thinking. Starting mid-year? No worries—your entire self is included in every class.

Why not? You’ll find more energy, better concentration, more pleasure in moving, and increased joy.
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Free Your Fabulous Pelvis: 6-Week Series

In February and March, “Discover Yourself from the Ground Up” continues with a focus on your fabulous pelvis.

Vintage engraving of a standing skeleton, front and back view“Fabulous” because that part of yourself is the source of your power: your big bones and muscles.

“Fabulous” also because there’s no one bone called the pelvis. You actually have a three-part structure: your sacrum in the center, surrounded by what we’re calling your ischial wings. (Thanks again, Russ Mitchell, for this insight and the name!) Because there’s no word in the English language for them! Imagine if your legs ended beside your sacrum—would you move differently?

If you’d like to sit, stand and walk with greater ease, you’ll benefit from this series. Taught by Angela Alston, GCFP, MFA.

Offered in two locations: MoveStudio and Dallas Feldenkrais.
Being in class with Angela and others who are seeking relief, connection, peace, dexterity, awareness in body, mind, heart/soul is the highlight of my week!“—Trish
Choose your series below:
  • Mondays, Feb. 24-Mar. 30, 6:25-7:30 pm, MoveStudio in Far North Dallas. Register here: limit 20. $125.
  • Wednesdays, Feb. 26-Apr. 1, 5-6:15 pm, Dallas Feldenkrais. Register here: limit 8. $125.

Girl in pink balances spinning plates in her hands and on her head.Find Poise

Why do some people seem to roll with all the world’s sudden changes, and perform effortlessly in front of others? If you have trouble “getting out of your own way” or would just like to act more elegantly and think more clearly, this series is for you. Each lesson invites you to step out of your usual habits and discover just how easy and elegant you can be.
5-week series with Russ Mitchell, instructor.

5 Thursdays, Mar. 5 – Apr. 2, 12 noon-1 pm. $95. At Dallas Feldenkrais. Register here. Limit: 4.

Easy Rolling

When people think about rolling, they often imagine the human body as a kind of ball. But we are actually much more like a ribbon—we are long, and we can get support from more than one place when we change position. This series will help you to feel mobile and comfortable whenever you’re off your feet. Whether that’s training in a dojo, or on your couch and reaching for the iced tea! Russ Mitchell, Instructor.

5 Sundays, Mar. 8 – Apr. 5, 2-3:30 pm. $95. At Dallas Feldenkrais. Register here. Limit 6.