Feldenkrais Classes & Workshops with Angela Alston

Join us if you’re interested in uncovering your movement habits and discovering new possibilities for moving and thinking. Why? More energy, more pleasure in moving, increased joy! Find testimonials here.

Weekly Classes in 2019

Child climbing a rock outside.The next set of six-week series begins the week of Feb. 25. Each six-week series will be organized around a particular part of your skeleton and its function, beginning with your feet and working upwards to your head and eyes. The over-arching theme for the weekly classes: Discover Yourself from the Ground Up. The upcoming series focuses on your power center: your pelvis.

Remember: regardless of where you start, each lesson is always about using your awareness to discover and improve how you move and feel.

Being in class with Angela and others who are seeking relief, connection, peace, dexterity, awareness in body, mind, heart/soul is the highlight of my week! You will find a new relationship with your body here! It has totally changed my yoga practice and the way I enjoy moving and dancing!”— Trish

Cost: $115 (up to one week before series begins); $125 (one week or less before series begins).

Locations and schedule:

  • Mondays, Feb. 25-Apr. 1, 6:25-7:30 pm, at MoveStudio in N. Dallas. Limit 20. Register here.
  • Tuesdays, Feb. 26-Apr. 2, 6:30-7:45 pm, at Dallas Feldenkrais in Oak Lawn. Limit 8. Register here.
  • Wednesdays, Feb. 27-Apr. 3, 5-6:15 pm, at Dallas Feldenkrais. Limit: 8. Register here.

Find Sunday Feldenkrais classes with Russ Mitchell and Dallas Movement Lab workshops with guest teachers here.

A woman and man practice Awareness Through Movement.

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“When you know what you’re doing, you can do what you want.”—Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais