Feldenkrais Classes & Workshops

Want to uncover your movement habits? Ready to discover new possibilities for moving and thinking? Why not?! You’ll find more energy, better concentration, more pleasure in moving, increased joy!
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Weekly Classes in 2019

Little boy rides a bikeThe next series begin the week of September 10. The theme: Finding Your Balance.

We humans are always seeking to be in balance. Whether in standing, so we don’t fall over. Or in dealing with a psychological challenge which has presented itself. What’s interesting: balance is inherently unstable. When we seem to be in balance we’re actually constantly moving, making tiny adjustments in response to our changing environment. We’re afraid to lose balance, yet we’re continually losing and finding it again. Just watch a baby learning to stand up! The only way to develop the ability to stand is to fall repeatedly. Maybe losing our balance as grown-ups could be no big deal, too. For the next six weeks, we’ll focus on finding balance and losing it and finding it again.

What are tools you can use to clarify your balance?

  • The ground
  • Your breath
  • Your skeleton
  • Your musculature
  • Your awareness

Being in class with Angela and others who are seeking relief, connection, peace, dexterity, awareness in body, mind, heart/soul is the highlight of my week! You will find a new relationship with your body here! It has totally changed my yoga practice and the way I enjoy moving and dancing!”— Trish


Finding Your Balance with Angela Alston: 6-Week Series

  • 6 Mondays, Sept. 9-Oct. 14, 6:25-7:30 pm, at MoveStudio. $125.
  • 6 Tuesdays, Sept. 10-Oct. 15, 6:30-7:45 pm, at Dallas Feldenkrais. $125.
  • 6 Wednesdays, Sept. 11-Oct. 15, 5:00- 6:15, at Dallas Feldenkrais. $125.

Discover Your Feet with Angela Alston: Workshop

Child on tiptoes

How easy is it for you to stand on tiptoe?

  • Saturday, Sept. 28, 2:00-5:00 pm. $45 Early Bird; $55 after 9/15. Limit 8.
    Register here. Use code “EarlyBird” by 9/15.
    Discover the secrets of your feet. With every step, we have the opportunity to fall or to rise. Which are you doing?
    Learn about:
    -Commonalities between your feet & hands & why that matters
    -What the 4th?! your under-utilized 4th metatarsal
    -Balance & clear support from the ground