Feldenkrais Classes & Workshops

Vintage engraving of a standing skeleton, front and back viewUntil further notice, all classes and workshops take place virtually on Zoom because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Uncover your habits. Learn new possibilities for moving and thinking. Why not? You’ll find more energy, better concentration, more pleasure in moving, and increased joy.
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Choose between drop-in classes and in-depth series.

Your Head, Neck & Eyes: 4-Week Series Online

Starts Week of Nov. 15!

Discover how to support your head more efficiently and pleasantly with your entire physical self, not just your neck. Four-week series. Limit 8.
Female skeleton recliningUse the code COVID if you’re still riding the ‘Rona coaster for special 45% rate.

  • Wednesdays, Nov. 17-Dec. 15, 6:00-7:15 pm ET. Register here. Room for 3 more as of 11/14.

Your eyes play a key role in assisting effortless movement. The six muscles which control your eyes also influence your face, neck, and back.

[SPOILER ALERT: you have no anatomical neck. You have seven cervical vertebrae which are part of your spinal column, 33 in all. We get into trouble when we move as if our head is supported only by those seven small vertebrae at the top of the chain, rather than spreading the load throughout.]

Access Your Innate Strength: Drop in

The theme: connecting with your innate strength, the physical & mental resources you have just below the surface you’ve forgotten about.

Image of Asian woman doing Eyes Organize the Body Awareness Through Movement lessonWHEN: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11:30 am-12:30 pm CT. Ongoing.
WHERE: Wherever you are!
COST: $15 suggested. But if COVID has limited your finances, pay what and if you can.
Class is on Zoom. Register here.
After you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email with info about joining the meeting.
You can come to just one class, all of them, or anything in between.
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Like learning on your own, at the time and in the place that’s right for you? Invest in recordings.
Choose between a series and the whole Discover Yourself from the Ground Up set. Find your options here on Soundwise.