Private Sessions: Functional Integration®

Private Feldenkrais lessons—Functional Integration—involve gentle movements.

Private Feldenkrais lessons—Functional Integration—involve gentle movements.

In Functional Integration, a private session, I develop a lesson shaped around your goals. You will lie or sit on a special table, changing positions during the lesson. Depending on the function we’re exploring, you may also stand or move. Each lesson is interactive, using voice and touch.

Depending on the urgency of your situation, we may decide to work together several times a week or spread lessons out over time. I’ll give you suggestions for further investigation you can do at home. Typically we work together on a weekly basis until you have resolved the issue you came with or gained the functional movement you wish.

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What to Wear: comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, and bring an extra layer in case you cool off.

If it’s our first time working together, choose an Initial Consultation. We’ll talk in depth about your situation and goals. You’ll have a hands-on experience. And I’ll make a recommendation for how to proceed, whether it’s working me or another practitioner in a different modality.