About Angela

Angela Alston, GCFP, MFA

Angela Alston, GCFP, MFA

If you are ready to engage in discovering your own potential, I’m eager to work with you.

Together we’ll investigate your movement habits. We’ll find patterns which don’t serve you any longer. Perhaps they’re causing pain or limiting mobility. Or you’re ready to move beyond your current limits.

I continue to use the Feldenkrais Method®  to refine my own movement. To improve my walking and dancing. And to build strength more efficiently with yoga. Like many of my clients, I’ve had various injuries and “niggles”—torn meniscus, sciatica, neck pain. Each is an opportunity to discover patterns which helped create the difficulties.

My studies and interests have led me towards making the practice and teaching of Feldenkrais a way of life. Majoring in biology and philosophy in college. Being involved in performing arts all my life. Loving to walk and bike. The practice of meditation. Being inspired by my parents to always ask, “how can I be of service?”

Since 1996, Feldenkrais has been an essential part of my life, whether attending Awareness Through Movement®  classes, training to be a teacher, and now as instructor and advanced student.


My Practice Focus

I help formerly active people with sedentary jobs re-discover movement ease.

I have a strong interest in working with performers, movers and meditators—dancers, actors, musicians—people whose instrument is their physical self. This arises from my own background in dance, theater, film, and meditation.