Active Sitting

Alpha chair with red cushion. Designed for active sitting.

The Alpha chair, designed for active sitting. I use this model at my studio.

Sitting is the new smoking.

You’ve probably experienced the discomfort of sitting for a long time. Remember your last airplane ride? (Or yesterday sitting at your desk!)

Maybe you’ve tried “ergonomic” chairs, with little luck.

I’ve found next-gen ergonomic chairs: chairs for active sitting by QOR360. I love them.

I’ve invested in two (so far).

How Are QOR360 Chairs Different?

The problem with sitting is, we stop moving.

Photo of a cashew with text: Do you sit like a cashew? What if you could practice active sitting?We collapse into ourselves: digestive organs smoosh together, spine support disappears, and we overwork our neck to see the screen. Basically, we sit like a cashew.

These chairs invite movement and encourage active sitting. You cannot slouch. It’s like sitting on a ball, but with the security of a clear connection with the floor: your seat won’t roll out from under you. When you stand up, you may feel energized, rather than tired.

As one of my clients said: “Genius.”

I’ve taught one active sitting workshop, with lessons to take full advantage of your QOR360 chair. Let me know if you’re interested in taking another, once you’ve invested in your chair: you’ll attend as my guest.

Special Price through Roots of Strength

I’m such a believer that I’m now an affiliate seller. Would you like to invest in your own QOR360 chair? Shoot me an email to save 10% off your purchase price: angela at rootsofstrength dot net.

I recommend that you choose the Comfort Cushion option. Slightly softer than the standard cushion, but still quite firm. It’s $45 more and well worth it. I purchased comfort cushions for both of my chairs.

Sixty Days to Try Them Out

Newton chair for active sitting

The Newton model. I use this one at home without the optional wheels.

There’s no down side to trying the chairs. Shipping’s free and you now get two months to experience them. If you don’t like them, just return for a complete refund. And they pay for return shipping.

Ready to purchase your own QOR360 active chair?
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